Staff Development
Building Your Career at IRRI

At IRRI, we are committed to international excellence in our work. Crucial to our success is an environment which encourages workplace learning, professional growth and provides opportunities for career development.

Leadership Programme

IRRI's Leadership Programme is part of IRRI's Leadership of Development Architecture for Postdoctoral Fellows. It consists of three modules: 1) Leading Self, 2) Leading Teams, and, 3) Leading Across Organizations.

Coaching and Mentoring Program

IRRI’s coaching and mentoring program promotes communication between all IRRI staff. Sharing knowledge, experiences and resources across diverse areas of expertise ensures our employees have the help they need to grow professionally and personally. Find out more about our mentoring program.

Development Programs and Courses

A wide range of more structured staff development programs and courses can also be found at IRRI. From those at the Organizational Unit level, Institutional level and those which offer Inter-Center collaboration with other CGIAR Centers, IRRI offers a multitude of courses to suit you.

  • Employee

    IRRI offers a substantial 4 phase orientation program for new staff. Find out how IRRI helps you settle in

    See Employee Orientation
  • HRS Organized

    Find more detailed information on HR training opportunities