Core Values
We are passionate about what we do, and we are fully committed to doing the very best we can.


IRRI employees aim high. We are passionate about what we do, and we are fully committed to doing the very best we can, to international standards, in all circumstances. Our stakeholder needs guide our actions and decision making, and we strive to provide quality service to all of our customers, both internal & external. We seek to anticipate client needs and look for optimal solutions that will help our stakeholders.

Scientific Integrity and Accountability

We know that our actions directly affect IRRI’s success. We take ownership and accountability for our individual actions, commitments and results, and we take responsibility for our individual and organizational performance. We use resources efficiently, collaboratively, and in consideration of our stakeholders.

Innovation and Creativity

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our individual and collective ability to meet our mission. We accept change as necessary. We hold ourselves to high expectations and are committed to continuous self-improvement.

Individual and Team Diversity

IRRI employees are proud to be in a multi-cultural organization which employs both women and men. We accept differences as natural and normal and we take responsibility for interacting in respectful and productive ways. We are committed to supporting each other's efforts to balance work and play in our personal and professional lives.

Teamwork and Partnership

We treat each other with mutual respect, and are committed to pursuing open, honest, frequent, credible, and clear communications at all levels of our organization. We acknowledge each other's expertise and are willing to collaborate. We are consultative and participative. We ask questions, raise concerns and challenge assumptions. We communicate and cooperate with each other regarding deadlines, and we share credit and recognition. We constantly reach out to new partners outside IRRI, in the public and private sectors, who share our mission and values, and strive to work with them in fulfilling our mission.

Indigenous Knowledge and Environmental Sustainability

IRRI staff respect and value the important knowledge which indigenous communities hold. We are committed to environmental sustainability and our research approaches are guided by these principles.