Gender and Diversity
IRRI wholeheartedly supports gender diversity and aims to further improve its policies to reflect this.

IRRI is committed to maintaining and improving gender and diversity in the workplace, and to fostering an environment in which multi-cultural values are not only respected, but widely encouraged. IRRI prides itself on its world class institute and recognizes that without the diverse and talented nature of its staff, this innovation and excellence would not be possible.

We are proud to share that IRRI employs significant numbers of female scientists and senior support professionals. A report released by the CGIAR Gender and Diversity Program in November 2009 revealed that IRRI has a considerably higher representation of women than other institutions participating in the survey, and in particular has significantly more female scientists.

Additionally, IRRI has worked hard to ensure the recruitment and selection process for employees is not biased according to either gender or culture. Diverse search committees are utilized to ensure new staff are multi-cultural and gender diverse. It is ensured that IRRI’s harassment and discrimination policy is well-communicated to all new employees at HQ, and whilst working at IRRI, staff are able to utilize the recently established Gender and Diversity Initiative/Team which, chaired by HRS, includes trained Dignity Advisors available for confidential staff support and advice.

IRRI recognizes that international staff diversity is a challenge. Relocation can be particularly challenging for women with families and staff from a diverse range of cultures. As such, IRRI works hard to provide extended support for all relocating employees through additional family support, staff housing, community activities, host families, home leave and more. To find out more about what it’s like for women at IRRI, watch the video below.