IRRI Policies
IRRI is committed to an open, transparent and fair organizational system.

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is committed to an open, transparent and fair organizational system. The Board and Management teams highly value employee input and suggestions, which means our policies are developed by working with our staff. Find out about our key policies below.

Gender and Diversity

IRRI recognizes the importance of gender and diversity in the workplace and strives to incorporate awareness into our recruitment and training programs.
Learn more about our approach to Gender and Diversity.

Code of Conduct

The IRRI Code of Conduct establishes the basic level of conduct expected of all employees and persons under contract to IRRI including visiting Scientists, Collaborators, Scholars and Trainees. All employees and persons under contract to IRRI are expected to read, adhere to, and remain familiar with IRRI Values, Principles and Code of Conduct. Read our Code of Conduct and learn more about IRRI values.

Whistleblower Policy

IRRI values include scientific integrity and accountability, acknowledging that our actions directly affect IRRI's success. The Institute encourages staff members to report any conduct which is prejudicial to the interest of the Institute and provides a mechanism that protects them from risk of subsequent retaliation. Staff may report irregularities to HRS or directly to the Office of the IRRI Director General.
Learn more about our Whistleblower Policy.

Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy

It is the policy of IRRI's Board and Management that all staff should be able to enjoy a working environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination, whether on the basis of race, national or social origin, religion, political affiliation, gender, or any other form of personal identity. Any conduct that fails to respect the dignity and feelings of another staff member is unacceptable. IRRI has several channels through which staff can report and resolve these issues whilst maintaining confidentiality and privacy; supervisors, Dignity Advisors, or directly to HRS.
Learn more about our Harassment and Discrimination Policy.